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Tips to Develop Resilience

One of my favorite ways of understanding entrepreneurship is to think of it not as a race of speed, but of endurance. And that is very true because everyone who has ever started a project, whether it is a study, self-improvement, business or even a family project, knows that problems arise. The possibility that something does not go well always exists. The gap between what is planned and what is executed is precisely what makes us strong. Solving problems, constant learning and even failure as such, are indispensable elements to continue and not give up.

So here's some tips

to develop resilience in entrepreneurship and stay motivated and energetic to complete your projects.

Try to always find motivation

Motivation is essential for those people who want to achieve a certain goal, without it the objectives are indifferent, it is difficult to start doing the tasks and, once started, there is no  motivation to finish them, this, in addition to preventing you from achieving the proposed objectives, will gradually destroy you inside, making you more and more apathetic.

Living motivated gives us that necessary impulse to move, the engine that will make us work and escape from the monotonous life that we would have if it were not for it. For this reason, it is important to strive for motivation, even if you have to dig it out from under the rocks.

Imagine the Future

A simple trick to live motivated is to think often about the future, to visualize it, to imagine it as we want it to be. In this way, we will have the illusion of being able to build it in the same way as in our dreams, and this illusion will be our motivation.

Do what you are passionate about

Another important point is to do what we really want to do. For example, we have to choose a university career because we are truly passionate about those studies, not because our parents tell us so. It is better to be a good hairdresser than a frustrated lawyer, since only what you do with passion will be done really well. In business it works the same way. However, you have to consciously analyze what drives you to build that business. Because that is what will make you get out of bed with energy every day. Some people are driven by money, which is not a bad thing. Others are motivated by personal fulfillment or because they want to help other people by solving their needs.

Keep your mental attitude positive

I know it sounds trite, but you must not forget to strive to maintain a positive attitude at all times. Although we may not like some things that happen in life, that doesn't mean we have to be discouraged about what we can accomplish. If you fall down, smile and get up, you will see how with just a little effort you can keep walking normally.

Tips to overcome discouragement

Discouragement is a feeling that appears in our lives when our efforts to achieve something do not show the results we expected. Especially in entrepreneurship, many times we would like things to work faster and that generates frustration. That is why it is important to have a strategic plan that delimits each phase of your project and helps you measure progress.

First of all, understand that financial growth is not instantaneous. You must first work on marketing and then make sales, build a brand and transform all that into profits. But don't get too ahead and try to make some quick money. It is obvious that at times you may have reasons to feel down, defeated and faint, but there is also something said about discouragement that is very true and that is that if you don't beat discouragement, it will beat you.


In order to overcome discouragement, you have to be determined to get out of it. We understand that sometimes you do not have the strength or desire to do anything for you, but now understand that if you do not have the attitude to at least say "I want to get out of this well", external help will be useless because discouragement is a problem from within.

Be active

If you stay alone and locked up in your room, discouragement will come to you and these thoughts will become more and more established in your mind. You must stay active in order to renew your mind and forget about what is making you feel bad. Even if it's just visiting friends and going out with loved ones, it's important to do something that can distract you while you regain your strength. And it never hurts to say that if you need help, you should seek it.

Visualize yourself at the finish line

Stop for a minute and imagine yourself on the podium with the victory medal in your hands. The finish line is still in the same place waiting for you to go for it and, even if it is still a little farther away, if you get back into the race you will reach it. When everything seems to go wrong, this should give you enough strength and encouragement to put all mistakes and failures behind you and try again. Don't think that you will feel a superhero-like surge of strength in your body, maybe you won't even feel an improvement.

But just because you don't feel it doesn't mean it's not there. The forces are already deposited within you, so you must act, believe that you have these forces, get out of bed and set out on the road again.

When everything seems to go wrong, keep going

There are moments in life in which we lose all confidence, and it is that by setbacks of life, we lose the desire to move forward, and in which we even get to have the feeling of being useless.
But it is precisely in those moments when we have to look forward, draw new strength and rely on someone around us and that is the best solution to get afloat. If we find ourselves sunk, there is nothing like the help of a person who loves us to get up again and move forward.

In order not to get down, we must look for a helping hand and believe in something we can hold on to in order to overcome our problems and come out victorious. In those moments we just have to look around us and remember all that we have and are worth.

That is the best way to cheer ourselves up. So, in difficult times we must set goals, especially in the short term, and thus we will be able to establish guidelines to stay focused and not lose the course. And it is precisely those moments, when we feel more lost, when we will achieve the strength to excel in such a situation. Counseling is very important, especially in business, because when we stop seeing the horizon clearly, we should look for someone to help us. Do not pretend to know everything. Intelligence is about consulting the one who knows.

Be your own source of motivation

You will see how by following these tips you will feel more motivated with everything you do and little by little your results will improve in an amazing way. You just have to change your mindset and start thinking like a resilient person. Above all, don't expect motivation from other people, as they may disappoint you, but learn to be motivated by yourself.




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